Samantha Hochmann is a historian by trade and also a paranormal enthusiast. She is the Executive Director of Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum, a widely known paranormal hotspot in the Rockford community. She also participates with various historical committees and boards in the Rockford area. Sam has been volunteering with the Haunted Rockford team for the past couple of years.

Sam’s love for history started at a very young age, and her interests in the paranormal stem from growing up with a sensitivity to the paranormal realm. When she is not researching in the library or giving tours of the museum, you can find her reading spooky stories and walking through the local cemeteries. 



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Steve Bartel and Josiah Henson are the co-owners of Haunted Conover Square Ghost Tours and host paranormal tours of Conover Square Mall, which is located in a 19th Century piano factory that remained in operation until the late 1970’s in Oregon, Illinois.

Conover Square Mall is a 125,000 square foot shopping facility, which occupies the former piano factory and throughout the years, many shop owners and customers alike have reported it to be haunted.

Conference Presentation

At the Conference, Steve and Josiah will be sharing some of their encounters and evidence that they have captured during countless hours of tours and investigations throughout Conover Square.

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Tobias Wayland is a passionate fortean who has been actively investigating the unusual since 2008; the first five years of his investigative career were spent as a MUFON field investigator, and following that he investigated independently.  Tobias then became head writer and editor of the Singular Fortean Society.  

Tobias’s years as an investigator have served him best by illustrating that when it comes to the anomalous, the preternatural, and the paranormal, any answers he’s found are still hopelessly outnumbered by questions.

Tobias is a frequent guest on various podcasts and radio shows; he has contributed to several books on the paranormal, and is often invited to speak numerous paranormal conferences and events.  He was also featured in the Small Town Monsters documentary “Terror in the Skies” for his work investigating Mothman sightings around Lake Michigan.

Joining Tobias at the Conference will be Emily Wayland.  

Emily is an ardent craftsperson and devoted monster enthusiast with degrees in both photography and design.  An accomplished artist, designer and photographer, Emily is responsible not only for the Singular Fortean Society’s aesthetic, but also the examination of any photographic or video evidence.  Emily’s art and designs have been featured in various paranormal art shows around the Minneapolis are, as well as in the “Chicago Mothman” portion of the Small Town Monsters documentary “Terror in the Skies”.  She and her husband Tobias have been involved with the Lake Michigan Mothman Investigation since its advent in the Spring of 2017, are are currently the only investigators to have conducted onsite investigations with witness interviews across multiple states.

Her lifelong love affair with monsters of all varieties has led her to pursue them in real life, and she hopes that her expertise in photography will help her capture one — at least on film.

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Midwest Ghost Investigators , (MGI) is a non-profit group of professional paranormal investigators founded in 2014 based in Rockford, Illinois.  They investigate private residences, businesses, historic buildings, and other venues.  MGI services are completely free and they treat their clients with professionalism and respect.  MGI uses scientific equipment, not only to provide proof for clients situation and to provide logical reasoning, but to advance understanding the paranormal field through progressive research.

At the Conference this year, Sara Bowker and Nino Enna will be sharing details of their recent work.

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Mike Huberty runs American Ghost Walks, a haunted history tour company with locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Madison, Lake Geneva and several other Midwestern cities, entertaining tens of thousands of tourists and paranormal enthusiasts. 

Mike is also the host of the podcast, See You On The Other Side which features paranormal discussion and a brand new song based on the topic of each week’s podcast.  

His rock band, Sunspot performs dozens of shows all over the Midwest every year and especially loves playing haunted venues!

Chad Glovier and Travis Dahlhauser are both Rockford, Illinois natives.  Travis and Chad formed the Greater Rockford Apparition & Ghost Group (GRAGG) in 2011, and have been investigating haunted locations throughout the Midwest ever since.

Travis and Chad love to investigate historic buildings and some of the scariest places on the planet, including many Northern Illinois Landmarks.  The GRAGG team continues to collect evidence to prove to the world – as well as themselves – that ghosts are real.  The GRAGG team also has a successful series called “Mission Terror”, featured on the world’s only 24/7 online streaming horror network, American Horrors.

Travis and Chad also offer free investigations of homes or buildings.  If you’re interested in having the GRAGGonites do an investigation for you, visit their contact page.

To visit the G.R.A.G.G website: click: G.R.A.G.G





Conference Presentation

At the 2019 Conference, Travis and Chad will share experiences that they’ve had during local Paranormal Investigations.


Each year Haunted Rockford Paranormal Events and Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens partner to present the Illinois Paranormal Conference.  The Conference features speeches from several individuals prominent in the Paranormal Research Community.  You can also meet and talk with other people from all aspects of the Paranormal, many of whom offer products and services in the vendor area. 

Many historic places in Rockford and the surrounding area have long been reported to be haunted.  We work with several different paranormal investigation teams to get you inside some of the homes and businesses named in many reports of paranormal activity.  The investigators use a variety of electronic devices to try to find and record any events, while local historians give the background of the location and psychics give their impression of any spirits they sense.  

There are many interesting people involved in the Paranormal Community.  We bring them in for presentations at different haunted locations in the Rockford area.  These guests include authors, psychics, and paranormal investigation teams.  Kathi Kresol is also available to give presentations at your events for your youth, school or other group.