Haunted Rockford Paranormal Events – Rockford, Illinois

Haunted Rockford sponsors haunted tours, paranormal investigations, live gallery readings and other events year round at locations in and around Rockford, Illinois.

Haunted Rockford was founded in 2004 and is operated by paranormal investigator and local historian Kathi Kresol.  At many events, Kathi is joined by Spirit Medium Sara Bowker and Historian Samantha Hochmann.

Haunted Rockford often brings paranormal investigation teams to Rockford from all over the Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area.

Unlocking secrets since 2004
Unlocking secrets since 2004


Original Stories from Rockford’s Past:

Read about historic people, places and events in Rockford and the surrounding area, or delve into the mysterious and unexplained. Articles Archive.

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Upcoming Events:

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Join us as we tour historic homes, businesses, neighborhoods and cemeteries in Rockford and the surrounding area.

Local historians Kathi Kresol and Samantha Hochmann will tell stories from their research into the history of the location and sprit medium Sara Bowker will give you her impressions of any spirits who may linger.


Many historic places in Rockford and the surrounding area have long been reported to be haunted.  We work with several different paranormal investigation teams to get you inside some of the homes and businesses named in many reports of paranormal activity.

The investigators use a variety of electronic devices to try to find and record any events, while local historians give the background of the location and psychics give their impression of any spirits they sense.

Each year Haunted Rockford Paranormal Events and Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens partner to present the Illinois Paranormal Conference.

The Conference features speeches from several individuals prominent in the Paranormal Research Community.  You can also meet and talk with other people from all aspects of the Paranormal, many of whom offer products and services in the vendor area.