Eve Harker

Eve Harker has been studying and working with cleansings for over 30 years. Using different tools from old traditions from around the world, Eve has learned a lot about the different ways for cleansings, protection, and removal of negative energy/spirits have been done.

The Harker’s store has been open for over 6 years and is located in the mid-town district, pulling from our years of study and application to provide a wide variety of tools for different purposes to help promote a safe, clean, and stable environment. The Harkers make their own products as well for those who cannot burn incense/smudge sticks or are allergic as well. They have performed many house cleansings (including our own) over the years too.

Conference Presentation

Eve and her husband Brian Harker own Luna Datura’s Curious Gifts. Eve will be covering the different types of smudge sticks and sprays and the appropriate ways to cleanse and remove energy/spirits.


More Information

Luna Datura’s Curious Gifts Website