Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming is a spiritual counselor in private practice, a world-renowned paranormal investigator and medium, a fine artist, and a public speaker touring at events, colleges, and universities throughout the United States about paranormal topics and life after death.

Chris grew up in a haunted house as a child and currently lives in one. For over 24 years Fleming has appeared on several paranormal-themed television programs such as Ghost Adventures; Ghost Hunters; Psychic Kids; Portals to Hell; and the award-winning “Curse of Lizzy Borden.” Chris is best known for presenting on the international TV series Help! My House is Haunted; Dead Famous; and his most recent Haunted Scotland and Haunted Ireland.











Conference Presentation

“Lessons from the Dead and an Afterlife”

Chris Fleming shares what he has learned from over 50 years of communicating and dealing with spirits and what he witnessed during his near-death experience.