Occasionally, Haunted Rockford’s own Kathi Kresol, local historian and author gives free online presentations including stories from Rockford’s past and also talks on unexplained and mysterious incidents in Rockford and the area.  These talks are produced by The Rockford Public Library and you can listen to some of those talks for free at the below YouTube links.  Just click on the photo.


Ghastly Crimes and Ghostly Tales – Rockford Public Library Virtual Lunch and Learn



Rockford During Prohibition – Rockford Public Library Virtual Lunch and Learn



Local Ghost Stories for Teens

Designed for teens, but equally entertaining for adults.



Voices from the Grave

Local cemeteries are filled with interesting stories just waiting to be discovered. These include the slightly odd tales of some of our county’s most unusual settlers. Northern Illinois has been the home of Native American legends, ghostly tales, and truly horrible crimes.  Recommended for ages 18 and up.