Scott Markus Author and Speaker

Scott has been actively involved in researching the paranormal for more than half of his life. He is a published author, having written a historical/paranormal book about Chicago called Voices from the Chicago Grave.

His work in both production and the paranormal includes two documentaries on the unexplained; running the website, co-hosting and producing the paranormal radio show The Mothership Connection out of WLIP AM-1050 Kenosha; and being interviewed multiple times for Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Monument; as well as other local press. He is a regular public speaker and paranormal convention guest across the US, including Hawaii.

Markus has been working in various aspects of film and television production since 1997. His work has taken him across America while working on set for Lost, The Dark Knight, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Stranger Than Fiction and many more.

Conference Presentation

Scott will be sharing stories from his research into the paranormal.


More Information

Scott can be found at the website What’s Your Ghost Story.