Sara Bowker has had an interest in the paranormal and spirituality for most of her life. Though she is hesitant to label herself a psychic or medium, both are true and she has found that, as time goes on, her abilities grow, change, and develop further.

She has had a variety of paranormal experiences, including a vivid out-of-body experience when she four years old and the miraculous scent of unseen roses at the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi when she visited Italy as a young teenager.

More and more, Sara has come to realize that people “find” her when they are seeking their own spiritual awareness or guidance on deeper questions. Because of this, and half a lifetime of research and learning, she has been able to help others find their own paths; she’s always encouraging them to ask questions and seek out their own truths in order to grow closer to that divine source she believes resides in us all.

Sara’s interests also include holistic healing and living, and she is an active Reiki practitioner. For her, Reiki is yet another way that she can connect to a greater source, helping others to feel more relaxed, at peace, and restored. Unexpectedly, she has found that loved ones come through during a Reiki session to offer healing and love or messages for the recipient.

Whether she is passing a message to a person from a deceased loved one, or pointing them in a direction that helps further their own spiritual growth, Sara sees her gift as a blessing. Her desire to help others connect and understand the world beyond this one isn’t so much to prove that spirits exist, but rather to open them up to the possibility that we are more than just terrestrial beings. She is grateful to be able to use her gifts in this way, to help others, and to strengthen her own faith in something greater.

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