Jehial Harmon was born in Suffield, Connecticut, Oct. 5, 1762.  This made him only  12 years old in April of 1775 when the Battle of Lexington  (and the beginning of the Revolutionary War) occurred.  Jehial’s older brother served in the army but Jehial’s parents thought he was too young to go with his brother.  The parents finally relented in 1779, when Jehial turned 16.  His brother was ill and was forced to leave the service.  Jehial joined up and from all accounts fought bravely.

Jehial survived the war and went on to have a family.  Some of his children came to the “west” to settle and start families of their own here in Rockford.  Jehial came to live with his children in 1844.  He died here in Rockford on March 3, 1845.   Jehial was buried at Greenwood Cemetery.  His grave was marked June 14 1902. “Connecticut in the Revolution.”

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