Chad Lewis Paranormal Researcher and Author

Chad Lewis is a paranormal researcher and author for Unexplained Research. Chad holds a Master’s of Science degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Chad had trekked across the world in search of the paranormal. From tracking vampires in Transylvania and chasing the Chupacabras in Puerto Rico, to searching for the elusive monster in Loch Ness, and pursuing ghosts in Ireland’s castles, Chad brings over 18 years of research experience to his presentations.

Chad has been featured in hundreds of radio interviews, TV appearances, and newspaper articles. Chad is also the co-author of the Road Guide to Haunted Locations book series.


Conference Presentation

“Haunted Midwest Road Trip”: Join Chad Lewis on a spooky presentation to some of the most haunted locations of the Midwest. Filled with tales of eerie graveyards, bizarre curses, haunted hotels, creepy back roads, and mysterious spirits roaming the countryside, this program will give you everything you need to start your own haunted road trip!


Other information

Chad can be found on the Unexplained Research Website.