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Samuel Rotolo: Killed In The Line Of duty

Sam Rotolo probably never knew what hit him. Sam was standing on the road with a flash light to warn people about an accident just as he had countless times before.  Sam worked as a Deputy Sheriff for two years and was assigned to the traffic division. The newspapers are filled with the cases he investigated from 1935 and 1936.

Mrs. Goodliff’s Limb

  An article written in the Daily Gazette in March of 1886 told the strange story of Goodliff family.  Mrs Goodliff had suffered for some time with pain in her …

Prohibition And Early Mob Activity In Rockford

There was much debate at the time about whether the bullets that struck him were actually meant for him or not, but one thing was abundantly clear on that August night in 1930: Joe Giovingo was dead. One minute, Joe was standing on South Main Street speaking to two detectives, and the next, he was crumpled on the sidewalk in a pool of blood.

Mr. Blakesley And His Musical Mouse

A story about a man having a mouse in his house may not seem very newsworthy today, but that is exactly what was in the headlines of the Rockford newspapers in December 1883.  Apparently, Mr. Blakesley, who lived “at the foot of Winnebago Street” during that time, had been awakened by strange noises in the night.  He described the sounds much like the singing of a canary.



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