Carrie Brown

 Carrie Brown was born in August of 1860 to parents Horace and Mary August.  Carrie was her parents pride and joy.  She was described as being remarkably handsome and as one of Rockford’s fairest daughters. Horace and Mary must have felt very satisfied with all three of their children.  The whole family was very happy …

Ionis and Milford Ihlenfield

The people that lived on Pershing Avenue all knew each other. This was pretty typical in Rockford in 1961.  It was a different city back then.  People knew and looked out for their neighbors.  So it wasn’t surprising that it was the neighbors who notified the police that they hadn’t seen their neighbors in a …

Spirits Linger at Gamp Grant Museum

The Camp Grant Museum and Command Post Restaurant is a treasure trove of interesting history told through actual artifacts of the men and women who served at Camp Grant. It is owned by Stanley and Yolanda Weisensel.

Carrie Spafford – a life of sorrow

Carrie Spafford’s family was well known in Rockford during the early days; in fact, they are often considered one of the founding families. Carrie was the oldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spafford.



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