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Haunted Rockford Paranormal Events owner and local historian Kathi Kresol publishes a regular column “Voices from the Grave” in “The Rock River Times”, and her very popular history articles have appeared in multi-contributor anthologies Secret Rockford and Rockford Writesand also on  Haunted Rockford, Illinois the long-awaited companion volume to Kathi’s popular 2015 book Murder and Mayhem in Rockford is now available.


Haunted Rockford, Illinois is a new collection of stories from Rockford’s own local historian and author Kathi Kresol, and is the highly-anticipated follow-up to Kathi’s very popular 2015 book Murder & Mayhem in Rockford.


From the back cover:

“Slip between the shadows of the Forest City’s Ghostly Past”

“Just beneath the glossy surface of Rockford’s rich heritage lies a dark history of tragedy.  The city’s troubled and turbulent past left scars that still resonate today.  Geraldine Bourbon’s final struggle still echoes throughout the farm house where her estranged husband pursued her with a pistol from room to room, before gently laying her corpse on the bed.  The sobs of society darling Carrie Spafford still keep vigil over the family plot of the cemetery where she sowed the heartbreak of her twilight years.  From the vengeance of Chief Big Thunder to the Witch of McGregor Road, author Kathi Kresol shares teh legends and lore of Rockford’s haunted history.”


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Below, watch the two-part interview of Author Kathi Kresol, done by Michael Kleen, Rockford Author and Publisher.

Part One:

Part Two: