Cindy Heinen is a founding member of The Society for Anomalous Studies, a paranormal research cooperative based out of Southern Wisconsin.  Ami Orava joined The Society, along with her husband Mark, after attending one of their Historic Haunting events.   The Society for Anomalous Studies is a cooperative of experienced paranormal investigators based in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. The cooperative was formed to allow these investigators to come together to conduct well-structured and objective investigations and research into paranormal claims of ghosts, haunted locations and anomalous experiences.

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Conference Presentation

Cindy and Ami will be discussing the research done by The Society for Anomalous Study into Sustained Electronic Spirit Communication (SESC) at this year’s Illinois Paranormal Conference.  This type of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) goes far beyond EVP or radio sweep ghost boxes revealing actual two way communications between the investigators and the unseen presences.  Through the use of unique software, sound banks, synthetic noise, intention and energy manipulation SAS members have been able to establish an atmosphere conducive to this type of communications and create a soundscape where the disincarnate beings have been able to answer specific and direct questions, many times in full sentences.  The communicating voices appear eager to share information about their lives, deaths and what they are presently experiencing.  SAS members will share actual spirit communications captured during SAS investigations, talk about how the communication has developed, discuss ideas on how this technique might work and share SAS plans are for future research.