Kathi Kresol, and others, were featured in an article on the Northwest Quarterly Live website. The article “The Ghosts That Haunt Us,” by Jim Taylor was published October 23, 2023.

“It was 1862, and Robert Hall Tinker was enthralled. The future Rockford mayor was visiting Switzerland and had fallen in love with the country’s architecture. Three years later he began to create a little piece of Switzerland of his own, on a bluff overlooking Kent Creek in Rockford.

“The completed cottage, known today as the Tinker Swiss Cottage, is an architectural gem that combines Swiss, Gothic and Victorian styles. Tinker carried his first wife, Mary, over the threshold in April 1870, then mourned at her funeral in the parlor 31 years later. In 1904 he married Jessie and, four years after that, became a father at 71 to an adopted son. Tinker lived a long and prosperous life, serving as Rockford’s mayor, ushering in the city’s first public library, perfecting his sketches and paintings, and creating a lush landscape around his 27-acre estate. In 1924, at 88 years old, Robert Hall Tinker died in his beloved cottage.

“Some say he never quite left.

“Paranormal places abound in our region. They’re filled with fun stories of spectral sightings that continue to entice our curiosities. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, these spirits still like to make their stories known.”

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As part of their “Behind The Brand” series, Rockford Buzz, a go-to source for finding the latest and greatest happenings in Rockford, Illinois, published an interview with Kathi Kresol on October 31, 2018.

“To uncover what makes local organizations tick , you must go back to their founder. Kathi Kresol is Haunted Rockford. She is the heart of the organization, and everything you see comes from her brain and her passion.

“When I got to sit down with Kathi to discuss how Haunted Rockford came to be, she seemed to have an endless supply of stories to tell. Honestly, I could have sat there all day and listened to everything she had to say. The way she tells these stories with respect to the folks who have passed is admirable. They aren’t just things for her to tell and forget, each one stays with her and you can hear in her delivery that she truly cares. Whether they died of natural causes or were victim to terrible circumstance, it doesn’t change her demeanor. She wants to tell their stories and it allows them to live on.

“If I had only a few words to describe Kathi, they would be – Intelligent, passionate, pleasant, caring, and fun.

“After a close personal experience with the paranormal, Kathi became obsessed. There wasn’t a way to get any answers other than researching it by herself.

“Consumed by a need to tell these stories, Kathi traveled all over the United States – going on ghost tours and teaching her homeschooled children lessons of history by taking them places and telling them the stories she had come to learn.”

Read the full article here: Rockford Buzz: Haunted Rockford


Kathi Kresol

At Haunted Rockford, we’re very proud of Kathi and happy to share this News with you.

“Everyday heroes are all around us. Parents, emergency responders and teachers come quickly to mind. But what about the small-business owners, conservationists, philanthropists and quiet leaders among us? It’s easy to take for granted, but it’s important to recognize the many ways these heroes inspire us to dream more, do more, be more. So, we’ve found 25 individuals who have left a mark on our regions by inspiring others through acts of courage, vision and passion.” — Northwest Quarterly, Annual Guide 2023.


Photography by Samantha Behling, Northwest Quarterly, 2023. Used with permission.

April 17, 2023 article by Jim Taylor about Kathi Kresol at Northwest Quarterly