Steve Bartel & Josiah Henson – Bartel & Henson Paranormal Investigations

Steve Bartel (left in photo), and Josiah Henson (right) are the owners and operators of Haunted Conover Square Ghost Tours. Steve’s day job is a Mechanical Designer at Collins Aerospace and Josiah is a Field Operations Specialist for Stryker Surgical Solutions.

Both Steve and Josiah have been interested in the paranormal since an early age. They have been on countless paranormal investigations together and both are seasoned investigators who have a passion for sharing their paranormal experiences with people new to the field.

Participants in tours with Steve and Josiah have the opportunity to ask many questions and learn different techniques practiced in modern paranormal investigating.



Conference Presentation

Steve and Josiah will be sharing updated evidence collected within the walls of Haunted Conover Square.



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Visit the Haunted Conover Square Ghost Tours Website


Chad Glovier & Travis Dahlhauser – GRAGG

Formed in 2011 by Chad Glovier and Travis Dahlhauser, The Greater Rockford Apparition & Ghost Group (GRAGG), is a paranormal investigation team based in Rockford, Illinois. The GRAGG team travels to some of the scariest places the nation has to offer. Their mission is to prove to everyone, including themselves, that ghosts are real.

Watch their adventures on their official YouTube channel: Mission Terror.

Conference Presentation

If you ask Travis or Chad what one place in the world is haunted, they’d answer immediately: Prairie View Rest Home. The guys have challenged the building 3 times over the years and each experience has been more intense than the last. This presentation will dive deep into their terrifying saga at Prairie View, which includes some of the craziest evidence they have ever captured, and some of the scariest stories they have told.



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YouTube channel: Mission Terror 

GRAGG website:

Dean Thompson – Ghost Head Soup

Dean Thompson is a paranormal researcher with a passion for validating historical facts, and collecting some pretty strange evidence along the way. He’s been collecting data for over 15 years, but has been spiritually connected from early childhood.



Conference Presentation

According to Dean, he will be “Keeping my left brain active, I will be sharing some out-of-the-box thinking and to keep my right brain happy, I will share some mind-bending coincidences.



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Dean’s Ghost Head Soup Website

Paranormal Pickers Podcast on YouTube


Dan Norvell & Larry Eissler III – Expedition Entity

Dan Norvell and Larry Eissler III partnered up as Small Town Paranormal in 2010 and the Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project in 2012; however, Dan has been investigating the paranormal since 1996. In their time together, they have produced the investigative series Expedition Entity and the documentary Brodhead Manor: A PARAFlixx Special Investigation, both viewable on the PARAFlixx network. They have also published two books, “Afterlife Anthology” and “Ghosts of the Black Hawk War” through Haunted Road Media.

Outside of the paranormal, Dan has spent 17 years in law enforcement and is a retired firefighter and paramedic. Larry spent 10 years in the army before his medical discharge in 2015. He graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in History from Northern Illinois University, where he will also be completing his Master’s in Communication Studies in 2024. Together, Dan and Larry co-own Small Town Productions LLC and will be releasing new paranormal documentaries in 2023 and 2024.



Conference Presentation

Bringing their own perspective to the paranormal, ghost hunters Dan Norvell and Larry Eissler have been investigating together for over 10 years. They will be discussing their investigations of historical locations, local haunted sites, and more.


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Visit Dan and Larry, or Expedition Entity, at:


Cindy Heinen & Randy Sunby — The Society For Anomalous Studies
SAS 2023-500×384

Cindy Heinen and Randy Sunby are members of the Society for Anomalous Studies (SAS), a paranormal cooperative based out of Janesville, Wisconsin. Founded in 2011, SAS’s mission is to support the preservation of historical buildings through paranormal investigations and research that takes a deep dive into history. From these investigations and research they develop paranormal-themed presentations and events that have raised thousands of dollars for historical societies in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Aside from historical societies, SAS has investigated many of the most haunted locations in the Midwest, including asylums, abandoned hospitals, historical mansions, prisons, battleships and schools.

Cindy, co-director of SAS, (second from right in photo), started her paranormal endeavors in early 2000 when she captured the voice of a Civil War soldier on an audio recorder at Devils Den in Gettysburg. Since then she has participated in a number of EVP-based research projects, written essays and research papers and has written chapters for several paranormal-themed books. She is a founding member of the Society for Anomalous Studies.

Randy Sunby, director of the Society for Anomalous Studies, (center in photo), has a long standing interest in the paranormal and has been an active investigator for years. Randy has done investigations on aircraft carriers, the Queen Mary and other fascinating locations. With a deep respect for SAS’s historical partners, he insures their clients understand the evidence captured by connecting the dots between the spirits and the expanded history they often share. He is the “voice” of many of SAS’s videos.


Conference Presentation

Randy and Cindy will be presenting evidence and research from SAS’s investigations that demonstrates how spirits interact with them. The presentation will also show how, through historical research and other clues, their team is able to identify many of the spirits they interact with.


More Information

Society for Anomalous Studies Website


Dale Kaczmarek — The Ghost Research Society
Dale Kaczmarek, Ghost Research Society

Dale Kaczmarek is President of the Ghost Research Society and director of Excursions into the Unknown, Inc., the only year-round ghost tour of haunted Chicagoland locations. Kaczmarek has been actively investigating ghosts, hauntings and poltergeist phenomena since 1975 and is active in a number of organizations including: American Association for Electronic Voice Phenomena, Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained, International Fortean Organization and the prestigious Ghost Club of England. Kaczmarek has been active for 46 years in the field and has investigated over 4,100 cases both public and private. He has accumulated what may be the largest collection of authentic spirit photograph collections in the world and has taught workshops, classes and seminars on the subject of Spirit Photography and Ghost Hunting Techniques.

His website Ghost Research Society is one of the most active of its kind anywhere in the world. His group, Ghost Research Society, uses some of the most state of the art in paranormal equipment in the field today.

Dale has appeared in numerous books, publications, newspapers and periodicals. He has been a guest on “Oprah” two times, “Encounters”, 2 episodes of “Sightings”, 3 episodes of “The Other Side”, “Rolanda”, “Mysteries Magic and Miracles”, “Exploring the Unknown”, “Paranormal Survivor,” “Travel Channel,” “Destination America” and was called on by the “Discovery Channel” to help produce and appear in two segments; “Real Ghosthunters”, “Phantom Photos”, “World’s Most Unexplained” (Coincidence or Curse & Mysteries Made in the USA.)

Dale is the author of several books, including “Windy City Ghosts,” “Windy City Ghosts II,” “A Field Guide to Spirit Photography,” and others.

Conference Presentation

Dale’s Presentation is entitled: “Fifty years of Ghost Research,” and will go into how Dale got into the field; the way equipment has changed over the years; how attitudes have been changed and some of the famous cases that he has investigated, including pictures, audio and video from those cases.


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Ghost Research Society Website