Comments from Haunted Rockford Event Participants



We had a great time last night!  Kudos to everyone.  Well done!

Sue W.

Bob and I had a wonderful time on the bus tour.  We both truly appreciate your extensive research to bring the past to life in the moment.  My husband had never been to anything remotely paranormal.  I explained to him that the psychics you had on the tour had an element of "credibility" which I completely appreciated.  I have come upon some quacks in the past, as I am sure you have also.  I especially appreciated their impressions of the surroundings and what they picked up on.  The Indian burial ground and the lost Indians was touching to me, sad stuff.


I would like to thank you for the great experience I had at the Midway Village.  I had a bizarre experience in the Pepper House.  I felt someone touch my back and got some amazing photos.

Marna Poole

I had a wonderful time on Saturday. It was my first time at the conference, and my single-sentence take-away is "I have to go again!" I'm probably a bit biased on the location, because it's only ten minutes or so from my house, but it's also a great location because of its own significance. I'm sure we must have had unseen guests there with us, and I like that.

I spoke for a while with John Gruba, the aura guy, and found him quite interesting. He and John Borowski were both quite chatty and interesting. And Melissa and her TnT team were great, too; both at their table and when she gave her presentation.

The speakers were all great. I particularly enjoyed the GRAGG guys because of the video they showed. It was fascinating to actually see things happen as they did. I enjoyed Paul's talk as well. I understand (if I remember from a past event) that he doesn't like to give readings, but it would have been fun to have a psychic give an impression of the building (or of anyone who was hanging around). One of the speakers (maybe it was Paul) mentioned that Sara had said she'd seen shadows in the balcony. The speakers prepared presentations all were intriguing.

Overall a super-duper conference!


We enjoyed the Haunted Rockford evening at the Briggs Mansion and look forward to other locations in the Rockford area.

I know it takes an amount of work to put on an event and I appreciate your efforts. The background stories are fascinating too and make the evening more "alive".

Our first tour of Haunted Rockford was the summer before last, and it's interesting to see how the tours have grown and changed.


Just a quick hello and to say what another amazing tour last night was and I think one of the best!

Kathy Santini-RichardsonLead Investigator, Confidential Paranormal Investigators.

Had a great time at the conference yesterday.  Thank you for putting together such a fun event.


I just want to say that the tour at midway village was awesome.  My brother and I were really impressed by Sara.  It was interesting to hear what she would feel and see.

It was incredible the way her and Paul's stories collaborated so well.  We had a lot of fun, and I want to thank you for such a great experience.  I can't wait to do it again.


Just wanted to say Thank You for such a fun bus tour this last Saturday!  I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was so awesome!  I will definitely be back!


We had a great time at the cemetery walk this evening!  Thank you so much.

Michael KleenWriter and Publisher

The Illinois Paranormal Conference began in Rockford in 2012 and is on its third iteration. I had the pleasure of attending the conference for the past few years, as well as its predecessor, the Rockford Paracon. Kathi Kresol, proprietor of Haunted Rockford, always works hard to put on a great event every year, with speakers from all over the country.

Haunted Rockford is one of the most active tour groups in Illinois, if not the Midwest. Kathi is constantly hosting events at a reasonable price. These include murder mystery bus tours, tours of haunted places around Rockford, public investigations, psychic readings, and more. She even takes groups into Tinker Swiss Cottage, which was featured on the show Ghost Hunters in 2012.

If you are in the Rockford area, make sure to attend one of these wonderful events as well.

Mary Marshall

I think you did a marvelous job!  Putting on a conference is SO much work.  I'm sure the locals really appreciated having the opportunity to attend something like this.  Count me in for next year to speak again IF there will be room on the lecture roster.  I was honored to be a part of it.

Laura Redmond

I have worked with and attended Kathi's events for a couple of years now.  Her passion and dedication for what she does is very visible.  She is excellent with her history and knowledge of the places she holds her events at.  She has done a couple of nights at the Alden School house with us.  We very much enjoy her, her guests and the psychics she brings along.

If you haven't attended an evening with Haunted Rockford, you are missing out! Thank you Kathi for all you do; and folks, when you attend her events, you will NOT be disappointed!