Sylvia Shults has been a paranormal investigator for several years.  She began her career as a ghost hunter as a result of doing the research for her nonfiction book Ghosts of the Illinois River (Quixote Press, 2010).  Her fascination with ghosts dates back to her childhood, as she is an avid reader who was raised on Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

A few years ago, Shults was inspired to write a collection of people’s supernatural experiences at the Peo­ria State Hospital in Bartonville, Illinois.  This project quickly swelled into Fractured Spirits: Hauntings at the Peoria State Hospital.  The book incorporates the history of the asylum as well as the many ghost stories that have arisen out of the asylum’s abandonment.  In an effort to separate fact from fiction, Shults thoroughly explores the true history of the hospital.

She has also done many inves­tigations of her own. The book, and Shults’ research, was featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters (“Prescription for Fear”, which aired January 30, 2013).


Shults lives in Illinois with her husband.  She works at the Fondulac District Library, mostly in order to feed her book addiction.  She also serves as the Publicity Director for Dark Continents Publishing.  In addition to nonfiction, she also writes romance and horror.  She is the first to admit that there is a fine line between the two.

Silvia’s new book is The Spirits of Christmas.








Conference Presentation

Sylvia Shults has collected many tales of yuletide spirits, holiday horrors, and Christmas catastrophes that give new meaning to “the dead of winter”.  Gather ’round and listen to rollicking legends of holiday helpers with dark sides, gripping accounts of Christmas season fires and other disasters, and tales of Christmas phantoms.  Come celebrate the horror of the holidays a little early this year!