Cindy Heinen and Randy Sunby are founding members of The Society for Anomalous Studies, a paranormal research cooperative based out of Southern Wisconsin.  SAS’s focus is on the investigation of historical properties.  By partnering with historical preservation societies and stewards of historical properties, SAS conduct well-reasoned and objective paranormal investigations of these properties. Later by combining the historical and paranormal research with the evidence captured, SAS develops and conducts paranormal themed fundraising events to support these organizations. The group has had exclusive access to some of the grand old houses and buildings in Wisconsin and Illinois including the Lincoln Tallman House in Janesville, the Carpenter House, the Hanchett – Bartlett Homestead and the Lincoln Center in Beloit, and the Goodrich Hall and House in Milton.

You are invited to visit the SAS website at to learn more about the team.


Conference Presentation

Randy and Cindy will be discussing their work with historical societies and presenting new evidence of paranormal phenomena from SAS’s investigations of grand, historical homes and buildings in Illinois and Wisconsin.  By partnering with historical societies in both states they have developed investigations and presentations that are fundraisers for these organizations that benefit the historical societies and their communities while providing SAS with the opportunity to explore historic locations not normally opened to paranormal investigations.