The Society for Anomalous Studies has made it their mission to investigate, research and document claims of the paranormal.  From investigating abandoned prisons, hospitals and grand historical mansions to being the sole paranormal research group used by several historical societies, the group has spent years in this pursuit.  For SAS’s third year presenting at the Illinois Paranormal Conference wife and husband SAS team members, Ami and Mark Orava, will be sharing some of what SAS has learned about ghost hunting and the paranormal.  

Using her analytical skills as a lawyer, Ami has proven to be a careful investigator and approaches collected data and possible paranormal evidence with a critical eye. Ami aspires to understand the technical workings of the paranormal which results in careful testing of some of the newest equipment on the market.  This seriousness is tempered by her background in the performing arts, which brings a sense of fun to investigations, as well as an appreciation for the “experiential” and subjective aspects of anomalous studies. Ami has helped to expand the group’s Paranormal Players repertoire to include Shakespearian comedy and a ghost dance party.  

Mark comes into paranormal studies not only as a scientist and engineer but also as a theologian.  This creates a combination of objectivity and compassion that is an important asset when dealing with the paranormal. His quiet, thoughtful approach is welcomed in a field that is often steeped in controversy and loud debate. Always thinking, tinkering and contemplating Mark has put together equipment the team can use for backup documentation to help prove or disprove paranormal activity. But don’t let the quiet exterior fool you. 

You are invited to visit the SAS website at to learn more about the team.


Conference Presentation

Ami and Mark will discuss techniques and equipment used to elicit spirit interaction, ideas and insights into paranormal experiences and share some of SAS’s most stunning and at times amusing evidence captured during the team’s investigations.