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Haunted Rockford sponsors haunted tours, paranormal investigations, live gallery readings, and other events year round at locations in and around Rockford, Illinois.  Haunted Rockford was founded and is operated by paranormal investigator and local historian Kathi Kresol.  At many events, Kathi is joined by Spirit Medium Sara Bowker.

Additionally, Haunted Rockford often brings paranormal investigation teams to Rockford from all over the Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area.

Haunted Rockford: unlocking secrets since 2004

Haunted Rockford News

 March 28, 2018: A new documentary “Tinker’s Shadows: The Hidden History of Tinkers Swiss Cottage” by Rockford author and publisher Michael Kleen, is available to steam now on Amazon.

Hosted by Amelia Cotter, this documentary introduces you to Tinker staff – Executive Directory Steve Litteral, Curator Alix Fox, and Director of Education Samatha Hochmann. They will each share facts from the History of Rockford and Tinker Swiss Cottage, and even share their own ghostly events.

Haunted Rockford’s own Psychic Medium Sara Bowker and Haunted Rockford operator, Kathi Kresol also share events from the past and tell of their own paranormal experiences in Tinker Cottage.

In addition, our friends paranormal investigators Kean Thompson and Mark Schwake will share stories from their investigations in the cottage.

Rent, buy or watch the video for free with ad at:  Stream “Tinker’s Cottage” at Amazon Video


True Stories from Rockford’s Past:

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We take you into actual haunted places, give you the history, and our psychics will give you their impressions of anyone who might still linger.

Tour cemeteries in and around Rockford with Paranormal Investigator Kathi Kresol who will discuss stories from the history of the location.  Our psychics will give you their impressions of anyone who might still linger.

Join authors of books on local history and all aspects of the paranormal at these presentations.  Here you will get the stories behind the stories.

There are many interesting people involved in the Paranormal Community.  We bring them in for presentations at different haunted locations in the Rockford area.  These guests include authors, psychics, and paranormal investigation teams.  Kathi Kresol is also available to give presentations at your events for your youth, school or other group.

We work with different paranormal teams to get you inside various historic places to see what develops.  You may bring your own equipment or use the equipment of the team.

Haunted Rockford Paranormal Events is proud to partner with Tinker Swiss Cottage to present the annual Illinois Paranormal Conference.  The Conference features speeches from several individuals prominent in the Paranormal Research Community.  In addition, people from all aspects of the Paranormal are present as vendors. 

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